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December 03, 2018 2 Comments

Beard Care Beard Oil

You may have heard of beard oil, you may have used it. In the past 5 years, the popularity of beard oil has skyrocketed and rightfully so. When it comes to caring for your beard or facial hair, beard oil is not simply an indulgence it’s a necessity.


Your skin produces something call Sebum oil, which your body uses to keep your
skin hydrated and moisturized. However, when sporting a magical and manly
beard, the amount of sebum oil your body naturally creates is not enough to
maintain an ideal level of hydration for you skin or beard. Beard oil is used to
supplement the oils you need to keep your beard and your skin moisturized, leave
you free from itch and flakes, and promote healthy beard growth.

Healthy skin = Healthy Beard

Quality Beard Oils are comprised of many different essential oils and premium
carrier oils to ensure the best and most comprehensive hydration. At the Magical
Beard Co. our Beard Oils contain:

  • Almond Oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Argon Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Pumpkinseed Oil
  • Hempseed Oil
  • Essential Oil Blend

A common misconception surrounding Beard Oil is that it is used simply for the
beard, but in fact, the oils in a quality beard oil work below the surface of the skin
to help keep your skin hydrated which give you a manageable, smooth, shinier,
healthier beard. Maintaining a good level of hydration for your skins helps to
prevent your hair from growing brittle, stops itchy dry flaky skin, and makes
grooming your beard easier.


It is recommended to use Beard Oil daily after a shower or washing your face
when your pores are open. Applying the oil while your pores are open allows
your skin to better absorb the oil and stay moisturized longer. Here’s what to do:

1. Put a few drops of The Magical Beard Co. Beard Oil in the palm of your
    hands and spread it evenly over your palms and fingers by rubbing your
    hands together.

2. Once evenly distributed brush your hands along the sides and front of your
    beard and run both hands up through the bottom of your beard to make sure
    the oil gets onto your skin. Repeat this step until the oil is well applied

3. Next use your fingers or a grooming tool to evenly distribute the oil and style
    your beard

Beards and skin types differ meaning the amount of oil you will need and how
often you need to apply it will depend on your needs and preference. Typically,
oil is needed more often during the colder months, as the skin tends to dry out
more easily.

There are many options of Beard Oils but finding a quality product is imperative.
When you shop with us you never have to worry about quality because we carry
only the best of the best. Check out your Beard Oil options at The Magical Beard

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online mobile
online mobile

December 19, 2018

This helps to improve muscle tone that creates jowls. Collect brochures and pamphlets
from stores that sell bridesmiad gowns. How can we
promote health because of patients? This change of heart was tricky to acknowledge.

Tyler Hull
Tyler Hull

December 05, 2018

The guy in that photo looks familiar! ;) I’m honored and humbled to work with such a rad crew. The Magical Beard Co. is putting out a top notch product with superb customer service!

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