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February 14, 2019

A Gift of Beard Grooming Products for the Bearded Man in Your Life

Are you stuck in a Valentine’s Day dilemma this year?  You need the perfect gift for your bearded significant other but you can’t think of anything; so how do you show him how much you care?  The beard grooming experts at The Magical Beard Company would like to offer a piece of advice: beard grooming products are the gift that keeps on giving, for you AND your partner.  Here are a few of our favorite beard grooming products, all of which would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for the bearded man in your life:

Beard Wash

Is your man using shampoo or bar soap to clean his beard?  If so, he’s stripping away all the natural oils that keep it soft and healthy.  Our beard washes come in 4 different scents and they’re made from all natural ingredients, leaving out the harmful chemicals found in commercial soaps and shampoos that can dry out your guy’s beard.

Beard Balm

Once he’s all cleaned up, your bearded BF will need to lock in that moisture.  The Magical Beard Company’s beard balms are made from all natural waxes and oils to give his beard a full, moisturized look, medium hold, and a choice of 4 different scents that you’re sure to appreciate as well.

Beard Oil

Valentine’s Day is your man’s time to shine, and if he wants to really stand out from the crowd, he’ll need some beard oil from The Magical Beard Company.  Our beard oils are formulated with a blend of all natural oils that come together to form a powerful moisturizing force, penetrating deep into skin and beard alike to keep them soft and supple while improving shine and strength.

Moustache Wax

Growing a moustache is one thing; keeping it looking perfect is another.  Show the man in your life how much you care about his moustache’s well-being by giving him the gift of our all natural moustache wax.  Our wax provides the powerful hold it takes to tame his moustache so he doesn’t have to worry about getting food in it while you’re on your Valentine’s Day dinner date!

Beard Grooming Kits

Every single one of our products works great on its own but they work even better as a team!  Start with the essentials pack, which includes one beard balm and one beard oil in the scent of your choice, or go all-out with the starter pack which has everything (one beard wash, one beard balm, and one beard oil) your guy needs to stay fresh and clean this Valentine’s Day.


It takes more than just beard grooming products to tame your boyfriend’s beast of a beard; for maximum effect, you’ll need some accessories like our wooden beard comb to take out those tangles and a boar brush to promote a full look and evenly distribute beard balm and oil.  While you’re at it, why not get a shirt, hat, or beanie featuring our logo so he can represent The Magical Beard Company’s bearded brotherhood everywhere he goes?

For all these products and more, head over to our online store to shop right now; you’ve still got some time before Valentine’s Day!

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