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January 25, 2019

A New Beard for the New Year

It’s January and that means everyone is busy making resolutions on how they can improve themselves in the New Year.  What’s your resolution?  Maybe you want to eat better or start going to the gym.  While those are both great resolutions, we’ve got one just for the bearded gentlemen among us.  Why not take the start of 2019 as an opportunity to make your beard look better?  The Magical Beard Company has an entire line of products that can help you leave your dry, scratchy beard in 2018 and make 2019 the year your beard clout skyrockets you into the stratosphere!  Here are a few of our favorite products to help you keep your “New Year, New Beard” resolution:


Beard Wash

Building a better beard starts from the bottom up, and you can’t stay looking fresh if your beard isn’t clean.  The Magical Beard Company supplies beard wash in four different scents so you can clean up your act while you express yourself.  Try the “Weekender” scent to wash off the dirt of the week and kick the festivities into high gear.  Our “Nice Guy” scent can bring out your sensitive side, or if you’re not into that, try washing up with “The Outdoorsman” for a bold, spicy fragrance.  Of course, some beards like to go incognito, so our unscented “Average Joe” blend is perfect for Beardsmen who like to fly in under the radar.


Beard Balm

Once you’re all washed up, you’ll need something to retain moisture while encouraging a thick and lustrous look.  The Magical Beard Company beard balms are just the prescription you need!  They come in all the same scents as our beard wash line, plus a few extra ones for when the mood strikes you.  “The Gentleman” brings together notes of whiskey and caramel to show the world you’re a man of distinction.  Or if you like to keep that holiday spirit all year around, the “Ole Saint Nick” will give you that minty, North Pole vibe when you’re feeling festive.


Beard Oil

2019 is your time to shine, and to keep your beard looking its shiniest, you’ll need some all natural beard oil from The Magical Beard Company!  Our beard oil comes in all the same scents as the rest of our products, making it simple for you to find an essence that suits you, or mix and match when the mood strikes.  No matter which scent you pick, they all provide the same nourishing, moisturizing benefits, so don’t overthink it; buy one or buy one of each!


Being a beard owner comes with great responsibility.  While you’re making resolutions this year, we’d like to suggest you take responsibility for that hair growing from your face and do whatever it takes to keep it healthy.  Luckily, you don’t have to take on this mission alone; The Magical Beard Company is here to help.  Check out our online store for all the products and accessories you’ll need to maintain your beard, plus apparel you can use to beautify all the parts of you that aren’t a beard.  Don’t wait – 2019’s time is already ticking away.  Seize the opportunity to give your beard the greatness it deserves.

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