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February 19, 2019 3 Comments

Beard Balm: Everything You Need to Know


By definition, a balm is something that soothes and mitigates pain. And that, friends, is precisely what Beard Balm does. Beard balm is used to soothe the pain and frustration of an itchy unruly beard. Okay, maybe that’s not exactlywhat the definition is referring to, but it’s true either way! If you have not already incorporated a balm into your routine, it is time to start!

Beard Balm is a leave in conditioner that keeps your beard soft and moisturized

If you are rocking a magical beard and you want to keep it healthy and looking good then you need a quality Beard Balm in your arsenal, but keep in mind, not all products are created equally. Balms range in texture, some are firm, and some are soft like butter. At The Magical Beard Company we pride ourselves in providing top of the line products so all of our balms include quality ingredients: Naturally refined shea butter, 100% pure white beeswax, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, argon oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, pumpkinseed oil, hempseed oil and other essential oils.

A quality beard balm has a lot of benefits

- Hydration
- Medium Hold
- Matte Finish


    In addition to our Beard Oils, our balms are another great way to get the hydration your skin and beard need. The Magical Beard Company Beard Balms are formulated with ingredients specifically for beard health. You’ll find similar benefits with our Beard oils and Beard Balms but having both in your beard care routine is important. We recommend using both not only because we know how awesome our products are and how much you’ll love them but because beard balm is not meant to be used instead of beard oil, rather it is meant to be used with it. Our balms and oils all provide hydration and therefore help reduce itchy dry skin! Although beard oil is an essential part of a good beard care regimen it does not offer much when it comes to styling that magical beard. This is where Beard Balm comes to the rescue.


    Medium Hold

    Beard balm comes packed with the hydrating benefits of an oil but unlike an oil it offers a medium hold, which allows you to shape and style your beard. Combining a quality balm and a proper brush for styling will help keep your beard styled and flyaways under control. Anyone who has ever grown a beard knows how frustrating and annoying flyaway hairs can be. Flyawas can be the cause of you going from looking and feeling put together and dapper to looking disheveled and messy. Chances are, if you’re putting time and patience into growing a magical beard you want to get the best out of it. Beard balm helps you do just that.  


    Matte Finish

    Unlike the shiny finish you get with beard oil, beard balm will leave you with a matte shaped appearance. That means no more worrying about looking like you dipped your beard in a bucket of grease (PS- if your beard looks like its been greased dipped after you apply beard oil, you’re using too much) Beard balm is a great tool to have when you want to keep your skin and beard healthy but also want it to look its best. I mean who are we kidding, that magical beard isn’t there just to keep your chin warm.


    Beard balm can be used every day and is great for beards of all lengths.

    There really isn’t a beard too short or too long for beard balm. Even if your beard isn’t quite long enough to style, incorporating beard balm into your beard care routine is still important. Using a quality balm early in the growing stages is a great way to shape and train your beard hairs to grow in the direction you want. Yup, you heard that right. You can train your beard how to grow! That means you can be proactive and help save yourself more work down the road. Starting a good beard care regimen, along with having quality products and tools, will not only form good habits but will help save you the frustration of an untamed and unruly beard as it grows longer.

    Like with any product it only makes sense to make sure you are applying it correctly to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

    Beard balm is no different. We recommend using beard balm daily. It can be applied as part of your daily routine, right after you apply your beard oil. When using either oil or balm (or both!) make sure you are applying the product to a clean beard. After a warm shower is ideal,because applying these products to warm damp skin and hair will get you the best hydration and styling results.

    How to properly apply Beard Balm:

    • Rub a dime sized amount of balm between your palms
    • Run your fingers through your magical beard starting from the neck and working your way forward and up
    • Once you have the balm evenly applied use a Boar Brush to style into place

    Did we throw you off with that last step? Although maybe not obvious at face value, the type of brush you use with different products is extremely important to achieving the desired result. A boar brush, for instance, has bristles that do not penetrate the beard the entire way, which will allow you to shape and sculpt your beard. Whereas a quality wooden beard comb, recommended for use with beard oil, will penetrate deeper into your beard to help detangle and smooth the hairs. Remember one of the many benefits of beard balm is that medium hold you’ll get. Unlike a product that provides a strong hold, like a Wax, balm will give you the ability to tame your beard with out it being too stiff or inflexible. A Boar Brush will style your magical beard better than your hands, if you don’t have one already make sure to grab one along with your balm! So don’t forget this last step because it might be the most critical to making your beard the balm…. See what we did there?!... the bomb… the balm… okay we thought it was funny.

    Alright, maybe our jokes aren’t the best, but our products are, and that we are willing to stand by (the jokes, not so much). You can find all our balms, oils, brushes, combs and more at No matter what your beard experience is, love ’em, hate ’em, can’t grow ’em... You can't deny that a well-crafted beard is like a work of art and we have everything you need to help you get to work.

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