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March 15, 2019

Growing Your Beard: Overcoming the Itch

At The Magical Beard Co., we make beard grooming products for beards of all shapes and sizes.  Whether your beard is two feet long or you’ve just started growing it, we want to be your source for information about the beard lifestyle.  Today, we’d like to share some tips and tricks for those of you who are new to bearding and who may not be familiar with some of the products that can help take your face mane to the next level.  Here are some tips to help you push through your first few months of beard growth:

Beating the Itch

We’ve talked to dozens of beard owners and they all say the same thing about their early stages of beard growth: the itch is just unbearable.  For the first few weeks, it won’t be much of a problem but when you enter the beard growth phase between stubble and long, lustrous locks, the constant itch may have you reconsidering your new style.  So what causes the itch, and how can you power through it to achieve your beardly goals?

While many beard owners suffer an occasional itch, a frequent or recurring itch is most likely caused by dry skin and hair on your face.  Frequent combing can help scratch that itch, but combing a dry beard can be torture.  Hit a tangle and you’ll feel like you’re pulling your face off.  As you comb, those weak, dried out hairs will break off, leading to a beard that looks thin and dull (not to mention it will make it difficult to add length).  In addition, combing a beard with dry skin underneath will create powdery white flakes that get all over your clothes.  That’s just embarrassing!  If your beard itch is caused by dry skin and hair, you need to moisturize, and fast!

The first step in your new beard’s intensive care regime is a hot shower.  As you shower, give your beard a good scrub with a wash specifically designed for beards (like the ones we sell in our online store).  The combination of beard wash, steam and hot water will make your beard hairs softer and more pliable.  Once you step out of the shower, lightly towel-dry your beard (never, ever blow dry it) and flick off any beads of excess moisture.  Now it’s time to hit your beard with some moisturizing beard balm.  Although there are lots of beard grooming products on the market today, we recommend our own beard balm because it’s made from all natural ingredients, it’s non-greasy, and it comes in a range of manly scents the people around you will absolutely love.

A little beard balm goes a long way, so take a small amount and rub it between your hands, then apply it to your beard, making sure to cover it from root to tip.  For added shine and moisture, you can also apply some beard oil at this stage.  Next, grab your wooden beard comb and gently comb your beard to untie any tangles.  Now you’re ready for the big time (just don’t forget to put some clothes on before you leave the house).

With your beard and face now properly conditioned, your itchy beard will be a distant memory.  Not only that, but it will feel softer and look better as well, plus you’ll be able to meet your growth goals much more quickly.  We hope this has helped all the aspiring beardsmen out there, but please check back with our blog for more tips on how you can achieve true bearded greatness!

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