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December 18, 2018

Where It All Started

I started the Magical Beard Co in 2017 to help promote premium quality beard products without having to pay premium prices. I've always lived a life of helping people, and now we have an opportunity to help support a healthy bearded lifestyle for every budget. 

The idea of The Magical Beard Co started after my wife brought home the book, "The Side Hustle". She gave me a quick overview of what the book was about, and for the next week.... I couldn't sleep. I had all these ideas running through my head, my brain wouldn't shut off. I thought, I should sell beard oil. Why not? I have a beard, I use beard oil, my friends are always asking me what I use... 

Over the next month or so, The Magical Beard Co came to life. We launched our website on Cyber Monday, and have been growing ever since! About a month after launch, we started The Magical Bearded Brotherhood, which is on Facebook. In the few months the group has been active, we have gained over 1,400 brothers! 

The products we offer have worked wonders on my own beard, as seen in the picture attached to this article.. (That's me, Matt). 

The support we have been shown has been amazing, we couldn't thank our supporters enough! Thank you!


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