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Beard Care Sets

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Beard Grooming Kits

There’s no sense in doing things halfway, and that includes buying your beard grooming products.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time shopping here, buying beard care sets just makes sense.  Not only will you get everything you need to keep your beard in tip-top shape, you’ll also save a few bucks in the process.  If you’re ready to go all-in on The Magical Beard Company, getting your hands on one of our beard grooming sets is common sense!

We offer two different types of beard grooming kits for your convenience.  The Starter Pack is great for your first purchase; these beard care kits include one beard wash, one beard oil, and one beard balm in your choice of scents.  Or, if you’ve already established your collection of products, try the Essentials Pack to mix things up a bit.  These beard care kits include one beard oil and one beard balm in your choice of scents, so they’re the perfect way to add something new to your repertoire.

It is possible to buy everything you need to care for your beard as separate items, but did you know that you could also buy them as complete beard grooming sets or even as beard oil kits or beard balm kits. Each one comes with its own set of items, and find which will cover your needs, is simple.

Buying one of the beard grooming kits can save you money too, as all of our beard care sets are cheaper than purchasing each item on its own.

Beard Balm Kits

If you’re looking for beard oil sets, beard balm kits, or full-on beard grooming sets, you’re in the right place!  We keep our online store stocked with all our latest beard oil kits, beard balm sets, and beard care kits.  Grab one of our beard grooming kits in any of the following scents:

  • The Nice Guy –You know there’s a good dude under all that fuzz, so let him out with one of our beard oil kits or beard balm sets in this blend of vanilla and sandalwood.
  • The Weekender –These beard balm kits and beard oil sets are working for the weekend, or any other day you need a scent that subtly complements your natural style.
  • The Gentleman –Any man of refinement will appreciate these beard balm kits and beard oil sets that show the world just how polished you really are.
  • The Outdoorsman – If your beard is starting to get cabin fever then you’ll love these beard oil kits with a spicy aroma that brings to mind the great outdoors.
  • The Average Joe –These beard balm sets are far from average; they’re just unscented. If you want to play it low key tonight, try one of our Average Joe beard grooming sets!

Instead of buying your beard balm and beard care oil separately, buy them together and save a few of your hard-earned dollars.  While you’re shopping our beard care sets, be sure to check out our selection of beard accessories like beard combs, beard apparel, and stickers!

Grooming Supply Kits

If you are new to facial hair that needs looking after, there are beard grooming

sets designed especially for you. They include beard wash, beard oil, and beard

balm, which should be the basis of anyone’s beard care regime. If you are more experienced when it comes to caring for a beard, the beard grooming sets known as the Essentials Pack is the one for you. These beard grooming kits include a beard oil and beard balm for you to add to your existing array of care products.

Beard care kits such as beard oil kits and beard balm kits are also available and are a great way to build your product range. They also make great gifts and if anyone you know has a birthday soon, why not consider one of our beard care kits as a present. Just imagine how pleased you would be to receive a gift of one of our beard care sets, and you will realize how appreciated your gift will be.

Each time you buy one of our beard care kits, beard oil kits or beard balm kits, you can choose the aroma you want or of course, there is always the option of an unscented one. With a choice of four fragrances in all our beard care sets, there is likely to be one that is perfect for you.

If you are looking for beard oil sets or beard balms sets, we have them all. To suit whatever type of beard you have. You can be certain that the beard balm sets and beard oil sets from The Magical Beard Co are the best available, and that you will not find finer beard balm sets or beard oil sets anywhere else.