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Beard Apparel

When you’re living your best bearded life, it’s normal to want to show it off.  The Magical Beard Co. wants to give you the tools you need to show friends, family, and total strangers that having a full, lustrous beard is your main priority.  To help you make a statement, we produce more than just beard oil and grooming products; we also keep our online store stocked with our own line of merchandise, beard apparel, and beard accessories to keep you looking sharp from the neck up and the beard down.  So what kind of beard apparel are you looking for?  We’ve got a wide selection of beard apparel featuring our stylish logo, including:

  • Hats – They say there’s a lid for every pot and our online store has a hat for every head, no matter what your personal style. Try the trucker or the classic ballcap; both have flex fit bands for the best fit on anybody’s dome.  Leave the sticker on or take it off; fold the brim or don’t.  It’s up to you!  Your Magical Beard Co. hat is one piece of beard apparel you’ll want to grab every time you leave the house.
  • Logo Beanie – When it’s cold out, you’ll love your Magical Beard Co. Beanie. This piece of beard apparel is wooly, just like you, so it’s the perfect complement to your fuzzy face and it’s guaranteed to protect your head from the harsh elements all winter long.
  • Short Sleeved Shirts – This iconic bit of beard apparel comes in three different varieties: the black, the grey, and the bearded brotherhood logo tee. The first two feature our logo and the bearded brotherhood shirt lets you show your crew how deep your commitment to the beard life goes.
  • Long Sleeved Shirts – The ideal piece of beard apparel for all those times when the gun show isn’t in session. Cover up those burly arms with a long sleeved shirt featuring our logo!
  • Hoodies – Coming soon, everyone’s favorite piece of beard apparel. All you hypebeasts out there will definitely want to pick up one of our well-constructed hoodies, which feature our logo front and center so you can stay toasty while you show everyone your loyalty to the best beard products on the market.

Best Online Store for Beard Apparel

While you’re shopping our online store for quality, all natural beard grooming products, don’t forget to check out our line of beard apparel to stay looking fresh, all year around!