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Over the next month or so, The Magical Beard Co came to life. We launched our website on Cyber Monday, 2017, and have been growing ever since! About a month after launch, we started The Magical Bearded Brotherhood, which is on Facebook. In the few months the group has been active, we have gained over 1,400 brothers! 


Where it all started...

The idea of The Magical Beard Co started after my wife brought home the book, "The Side Hustle". She gave me a quick overview of what the book was about, and for the next week.... I couldn't sleep. I had all these ideas running through my head, my brain wouldn't shut off. I thought, I should sell beard oil. Why not? I have a beard, I use beard oil, my friends are always asking me what I use...

Meet The Team

 Matthew Koch

Founder of The Magical Beard Co.

What's up bearded brothers?! First and foremost, thank you all so much for the love an support. Our company wouldn't be where it is without you!
- Matt

Matthew was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. He started growing his beard about three years ago, after a career in Private Security. When Matt isn't selling houses or helping his bearded brothers with their beard care needs, you can catch him spending time with his beautiful wife Sarah and daughter Sydney. Family, God , an occasional cigar and the Green Bay Packers are  so of the important things  in Matt's life.

Matt is always down for a beard conversation, so reach out!

 Tyler Hull

   Social Media GURU

Tyler is The Magical Beard Co Social Media GURU.... What that means is he helps provide the foundation for our Facebook and Instagram Page. He has extensive knowledge of all things Social Media. He is also a photographer, an awesome one at that! Tyler is a great asset to the team, we're lucky to have him and his glorious beard!   

 Nick Grouzes

Co Founder of The Magical Beard Co.

Nick is from Media, PA, but has lived in Lancaster, PA since 2007. He has always been a man of the beard, but started to grow it out in more recent years after realizing you can still be successful in a professional setting with a nicely tamed mane! He has an amazing wife, Breanne, and lovely daughter, Nora. When not grooming his beard you can find him on the golf course or out on the lake having fun with friends and family. Nick and Matt met in the real estate business and immediately hit it off. Nick believed in Matt as a person, the vision he had for The Magical Beard Company and the product. It was a no brainer for Nick and Matt to team up and create this  EPIC company.

Thank you all for the support!

Our Brand Ambassadors

John McKinney

Brand Ambassador - OH

John was one of our very first customers, and first Ambassador. It didn't take long for him to become a loyal, life long customer. The best part about meeting John was the friendship we quickly made. We quickly became buds and haven't looked back. With a beard like John's, it made perfect sense to add him to the team. You can reach out to John via Facebook or Instagram with any questions! He would be more than happy to help - - and provide some discounts!

Denver Woods

Brand Ambassador - WA

We met Denver through our Brotherhood Group on Facebook. One day, he posted a video to the group and we haven't stopped laughing since! With Denver's sense of Humor and EPIC Beard, we knew he would be an excellent fit for the team. You can reach out to Denver via Facebook or Instagram with any questions! He would be more than happy to help and may have some discounts too!

Ryan Berry

Brand Ambassador - TN

Ryan has an awesome BBQ pit in Tennessee. After purchasing our products to test out, he quickly became a loyal fan. Ryan has been spreading the word about TMBC ever since! He also carries our complete lineup in his gift shop. We were ecstatic to partner up with Ryan and his BBQ Restaurant. He's a great guy and are lucky to have him on the team.

Anthony Harmon

Brand Ambassador - OH

Anthony was born an Ohio native but heard his calling in Washington, Pa.  He started growing his beard about a year ago. We met Anthony through out brotherhood page, and knew right away he would be a good fit with us.  You can can find him worshiping the lord, spending time with his family by the lake with a line in the water. Family, God, his beard,fishing, and Ohio State Football are the things significant in his life.

If any questions about our awesome products or just wanna chat just holler!!

Mike Wilson

Brand Ambassador - TX

Mike joined The Magical Bearded Brotherhood Group when we first launched, and has been a strong voice for T.M.B.C. He's used most of our products and loves them! When you join the group, you will notice all the great posts and conversations Mike starts! He's always promoting the brand because he believes in what we have going.... BROTHERHOOD! You can reach out to Mike via Facebook or Instagram with any questions! He would be more than happy to help - - and provide some discounts!

If you would like to become a brand ambassador, drop us a line. We don't choose everyone, but would love to see if you would be a good fit!