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Wooden Beard Combs


Why do we recommend using a wooden beard comb?

  • Metal and plastic combs cause static, which can damage your beard hairs. Wood is anti-static and has wider teeth, which will help prevent snagging those hairs!

No one likes pulling and snagging beard hair!

  • Our combs help evenly distribute oil and balm throughout your beard. This will help completely cover your beard and skin with product!

Help shape your beard for a crisp clean look!


Premium Quality & Affordable Value

If you want your beard care oil or beard balm to live up to its full potential, you need to make sure you have all the accessories to make it work properly. When you shop the Magical Beard Company’s online store, you can buy everything you need in one place, from beard wash and oil to apparel and beard accessories. Some of our favorite (and best selling) beard accessories are our wooden beard combs, which make it easy for you to get your beard shaped up for a day at work or a night on the town.

So what is it that makes our wooden beard combs a must-have accessory for any self-respecting beardsman? It all comes down to the material. While the majority of combs are made from metal or plastic, these are not actually the best materials for beard combs. Your beard plays an integral role in your overall facial appearance. As such, your beard grooming routine shouldn’t be an afterthought; it deserves your full attention, which is why only the best wooden beard comb will do. The ergonomic design of the wide teeth is complemented by the fact that we use a robust and durable wood that is finished to the highest possible standards. It feels extremely comfortable in your hand while the material is also protected against water damage to ensure that your beard comb provides the perfectly smooth action that you deserve day after day. Moreover, the use of wooden materials makes our beard combs far more environmentally friendly than the inferior plastic alternatives. With wooden beard combs, you can be certain you’re your face and every hair in your beard is covered by a protective layer of moisture that will keep them strong and healthy all day long.

Given that you take great pride in beard, it’s imperative that your beard care products make you feel the same levels of joy. Our wooden beard combs carry the iconic The Magical Beard Co. branding, which is sure to reaffirm your love of the daily grooming routines. When combined with the right beard oils and care products, it’ll almost feel as though your bathroom has been transformed into a barbershop. Nothing beats having that fresh look and new beard feel on a daily basis. Here at The Magical Beard Co., we don’t only take great joy in producing the best beard combs on the market; we also love providing our customers with the best value on the market. The durable wooden beard combs are built to outlast plastic and metal combs several times over, ensuring that they are the most financially efficient long-term investment too. When added to the many, many other benefits, this is the beard comb that every modern gentleman deserves!

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Eric G.
United States


This comb is probably one of the best I've used. It will definitely keep your beard on point!

The Magical Beard Co.

Hey brother, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are thrilled to hear how durable our Beard Comb has been for you! Thank you for being a loyal customer. Honored to have you in our Brotherhood. #Teammagicalbeard - TMBC Team

Matthew Koch

Great Comb for Every Day Use

I've been using this comb for almost a year, and it hasn't let my beard down! It's still as good as new! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I use this thing on the daily.

Julienne N.

Great comb

This has been a great buy, no kinking when I’m combing my beard, there is nothing I would change about the product. I do have a question, do you sell picks that are wooden. I am a black male and feel Ill need a wooden pick as the beard continues to grow.

The Magical Beard Co.

Hey brother, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We're happy to hear that you're loving our Beard Comb! We don't have any picks at the moment, but were always open to expanding our products!


Like the comb

At first was not sure why I needed a wood beard comb. so after getting one it is really nice no pulling like the plastic one does


Great comb

I love the look of the comb. Feels very sturdy in my hand n the etching on it is very well done. 5 out of 5. Don't change a thing!!!

The Magical Beard Co.

Hey brother, Thank you for the review! We are happy to hear our comb is working wonders for your beard! -The Magical Beard Co.